• >1980 10 31 Rodange



    Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Laurence Tolhurst

    The Holy Hour : early version. Bad singing at 2'30.
    Play For Today
    "Thank you. This is called Three Imaginary Boys, this is dedicated to us"
    Three Imaginary Boys
    "This is dedicated to everybody who stay [or who's dead?]"
    Primary : Cold Colours Version
    10.15 Saturday Night : tape problem
    "Thank you. I'm supposed to talk. But I don't know what to say. This is called "At Night""
    At night
    "??? It's not about "Killing An Arab", it's about killing someone you love"
    Jumping Someone Else's Train
    Another Journey By Train
    Grinding Halt
    "This is called "A Forest""
    A Forest
    "This is the final song... "Seventeen Seconds"
    Seventeen Seconds : different lyrics
    "Merci et bonsoir... Thank you"

    All Cats Are Grey : different voice
    Forever : very tense version with Joy Division riff
    "Thank you !"

    Subway Song : tape cuts out
    I'm Cold : tape cuts in
    Do You Wanna Touch : Robert laughs
    [During Play For Toady] "It is dedicated to all drummers who take speed"
    Play For Today : fast version
    "Thank you good night"



    Si vous trouvez des erreurs dans les intertitres de Smith, envoyez-moi un mail.
    If Smith's words are wrong, mail me at this address. 

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