• 2011 09 10 Downend, Bestival AUDIO & VIDEO

    Bestival Update :

    2011 09 10 Downend,  Bestival (FigureheadRU Version) AUDIO

    AUDIO :

    2011 09 10 Downend, Bestival COMPLETE, AUDIENCE :

    Source : Dime  Taper : FigureheadRU (thank you !)

    Up on megaupload by Steve from CureConnections (thanks Steve, thanks Sim) :

    Part 1

    Part 2

    2011 09 10 Downend, Bestival INCOMPLETE, SOUNDBOARD :

    Source : COF Sky Arts Video rip - 9/32 (normalised by me) : FLAC

    VIDEO :

    2011 09 10 Downend, Bestival - 9/32 HD :

    Source : Dime & COF Sky Arts Video rip - 9/32 : DL 1 2 3 4

    2011 09 10 Downend, Bestival - 9/32 DVD :

    Source : Bootslive (thanks JOJO)

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    LCF Profil de LCF
    Mardi 20 Septembre 2011 à 21:47


    My purpose is not to steal someone else's work. And i don't think i do it when i link your blog. But you are the taper so i accept your choices.

    My only goal is to share (freely of course) cure live shows with everyone. So if you want to launch partnership with me, i'm really glad and hopefull. You can post in cureleaks or send me mails at : cureforall.contact@gmail.com

    Have a nice day and thank you for this post,


    Mardi 20 Septembre 2011 à 03:30


    i didn't mean to be rude, sorry if my comment may sounded that way, wasn't my intention on the contrary.  Except for the delay i asked and of course you didn't know, you were kind linking my blog. Next time I intend to post some good Cure i'll let you know first and perhaps we can deal some kind of partnership lauching it simultaneously. This way i apologize if my comment sound rude. Friendly.


    LCF Profil de LCF
    Lundi 19 Septembre 2011 à 06:46


    Fine, i'll respect a five day waiting before linking your blog next time.


    Dimanche 18 Septembre 2011 à 23:38

    I thank you for proper reference to my blog, which is the source of this DVD, since I'm so used to seeing my posts scattered around and in most cases the source is omitted. But the worst is when they commit adultery in the artwork made ​​by us just to erase the name of the blog. I only ask you that next time you wait at least 5 days from my post to launch your own linksit seems fair to medon't you thinkconsidering that I lost many hours of work between the DVD authoring and uploading it. It seems unfair to see my links then remotely replaced a little bit laterIn all, congratulations for the sitealready in favorites and I will check it out now.

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