• America 2016 (Ivan)


    PRO   Out Of This World, Pictures Of You, Closedown, A Night Like This, All I Want
    PRO   Push, Last Dance, Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, This Twilight Garden, Lullaby, Fascination Street
    PRO   Screw, The End Of The World, Want, Us Or Them, The Hungry Ghost, Prayers For Rain, Bloodflowers
    PRO   Step Into The Light, Shake Dog Shake, Never Enough, Wrong Number, Hot Hot Hot !!!
    PRO   Close To Me, The Exploding Boy, In Between Days, Doing The Unstuck, Friday I´m In Love
    PRO   Burn, It Can Never Be The Same, A Forest, Boys Don´t Cry
    PRO   Play For Today, A Letter To Elise, At Night, M, Primary
    PRO   Cold, Charlotte Sometimes, The Last Day Of Summer, Kyoto Song, A Strange Day, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    PRO   The Hanging Garden, The Snakepit, 39, Pornography, The Perfect Girl
    used audio:
    tracks 1-33 Austin Tx 13.5.2016 Tascam dr-2d vers. (except track 27: Tascam DR-40 vers.)
    tracks 34, 41-43 New York, NY 20.6.2016 AT831 version
    tracks 35-37 Chula vista, CA 20.5.2016 Ed Davis version
    tracks 38,39 Mountain View, CA 26.5.2016 Sony PCM-M10 version
    track 40 Chicago, IL 10.6.2016 SHANE E.CALHOON version
    track 44-46, 48 New York, NY 19.6.2016 version
      all used videos are taken from youtube.com

    approx runnig time 4h and few minutes