• CHAPITRE 103 : 1996 AUDIO VI


    CHAPITRE 103 :

    CHAPITRE 96 : 1996 AUDIO I

    1996 09 05 Gainesville 2CM

    1996 08 31 Orlando 2TBS CM / CD2 / CD3

    1996 08 30 Miami 2CC

    1996 08 29 Tampa (JJ Version) 2CC

    1996 08 27 Mobile 2CM

    1996 08 25 New Orleans 2TBS CC

    1996 08 23 Houston (JJ Version) 2TBS CC

    MAUVAISE NOUVELLE : je ne peux plus uploader des fichiers supérieurs à 200 Mo sur minus.com. Dites-moi si le retour au téléchargement avec dl.free.fr vous convient.

    BAD NEWS : minus.com has changed its terms of service. I can't upload file bigger than 200MB. I have to get dl.free.fr back. Tell me if you can't download from your country.

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    LCF Profil de LCF
    Samedi 1er Septembre 2012 à 09:57

    @ everyone : good news for you, Ziza. For french people, this service seems good, and not that bad for the others. I'll keep it for the next updates, and still use minus.com for DVDs (in 200Mo parts).


    Ziza Zendron Profil de Ziza Zendron
    Vendredi 31 Août 2012 à 23:57

    Uhuu... Free is working today \o/


    darkside90 Profil de darkside90
    Vendredi 31 Août 2012 à 18:58

    ok pour dl.free.fr ca va tres bien.....

    merci Antonin 

    Vendredi 31 Août 2012 à 14:12

    For all the "gold diggers" :  Gainesville 1996-09-05, UNKNOWN INSTRUMENTAL SONG ! (song, jam ? ) between Inbetween Days and From The Edge... 

    Thank You MC Anto for the nuggets !!


    Ziza Zendron Profil de Ziza Zendron
    Mercredi 29 Août 2012 à 19:57

    Ok Antonin, I'll try it and let you know if it works.

    Thank you very much.

    Tililin Profil de Tililin
    Mercredi 29 Août 2012 à 19:01

    totally that's what I do!, and I like when they play a song during a tour that tey didn't play it before.  For instance now in 2012 they're playing Just One Kiss, and they never played that song in a tour ever, I think they played it only one time in a radio.

    LCF Profil de LCF
    Mercredi 29 Août 2012 à 17:53

    @ Ziza Zendron : it's bad news. I suggest you to try a free VPN like ProXPN or Freedom IP to change your IP and cheat dl.free.fr. I'll try other services but right now i have to use this one. Can you try a VPN service and feed your experience back ?


    Ziza Zendron Profil de Ziza Zendron
    Mercredi 29 Août 2012 à 15:44

    Antonin, I can't download from Brazil :(

    Aladdin Sane
    Mercredi 29 Août 2012 à 13:35

    Le taux est progressievement monté à environ 130 kb/s. Je compte donc environ 2h00 à 2h30 pour télécharger un fichier de 800 Mo.

    Aladdin Sane
    Mercredi 29 Août 2012 à 12:41

    A première vue ça fonctionne mais c'est très très long (je télécharge à 40 kb/s )

    LCF Profil de LCF
    Mercredi 29 Août 2012 à 09:12

    @ Tililin : unfortunately not ! I mean, i have listened to 60%-70% approximatively. I usually listen to ma faverite 30 shows, and sometimes a 'new' one. That's the best part of it : i really enjoy discovering new versions of songs / alternative lyrics. It's like finding gold !


    Tililin Profil de Tililin
    Mercredi 29 Août 2012 à 07:27

    Antonin I have a question for you. Have you listened in its entirety to this complete and incredible collection of concerts that you have?

    Mardi 28 Août 2012 à 20:21

    what a pity ! dl.free.fr works but no comparison to minus regarding speed (which counts a lot with files around 700 - 1000 MB). two different worlds.

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