• CHAPITRE 162 : 2000 04 12 Prague DVD - 26/26

    CHAPITRE 162 : 2000 04 12 Prague DVD - 26/26



    2000 04 12 Prague DVD - 26/26


    Bonus : Dern gives us a new remaster ! Thank you very much !

    CNE Grandstand 8-1-87 Toronto CAN (DRN REMASTER)

    "SBD>FM?>Unknown Low gen. or Master Tape source>CD>FLAC>WAV>FL10>FLAC

    I had the volume up pretty far when I was doing this in FL10. When I re-did it again keeping the dynamics similar to the tape copy it just didn't have as much punch, and the bass seemed far away. I think compressing the WAV actually worked in this case; brought forward the sounds and made up for the low-bias from the obvious tape source. Also I did a very slight pitch correction, source was a little slow.

    So, there it is. Thanks for listening. DRN."


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