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    1. About cureforall

    • My purpose

    I want to share all audio and video files from Cure shows for free, with best quality.


    • Foundation 

    Every show is getting for free and for everyone. I use free internet services in order to pay anything but my own DSL connection. You don't need to register. You don't need to give money. Of course, I don't monetize Youtube videos. Commercials links are avoided as soon as I can.

    If you have some shows not listed, you can share them with every other cure fan by sending it at this address, or post it in the CureLeaks section.



    2. About dowloads

    • How to download the live shows :

    Click on this icon DL in the DOWNLOADS section.


    • I have downloaded an audio show, but when I try to unzip it, a password is asked. Can you give me the password ?

    I never use any passwords. If a password is asked, your download is incomplete. The file is corrupted, so WinZip or PeaZip can't unzip it. You have to download the link again, and compare the size of your file in your hard drive, with the size of Mega's file.


    • I have downloaded the DVD files but I can't extract files :

    Download all links of the DVD files. Then 'right click' on the first part (zip.001) and choose "extract here" with PeaZip (free software). The DVD will create itself.


    • I can't download with Mega on Firefox anymore (blank screen) :

    5 steps are needed (Rio 96 audio is an example) :

    1. Create a MEGA account & connect yourself with Firefox
    2. Download & install the MEGA plug in at https://mega.co.nz/#plugin
    3. Go to Rio 96 : https://mega.co.nz/QJVHwbzR!Mr2w6BgTCWHfASQAOVDQ4D7-8A8-nXmT_NL_cFdyZKY
    4. The screen is still blank. Replace "https://mega.co.nz/" with "chrome://mega/content/secure.html#!"
    5. Go to chrome://mega/content/secure.html#!QJVHwbzR!Mr2w6BgTCWHfASQAOVDQ4D7-8A8-nXmT_NL_cFdyZKY6. Rio appears.


    • I want to share my own shows on cureleaks, but i don't kwnow how to do it

    1. It's an audio show

        A. Source is a compact disc

    You can't copy/paste your files from your CD to your computer. You need a rip tool, like dBpoweramp Music Converter. Use FLAC codec to rip you files.

    Then gather your audio tracks in a single file, and zip it (with PeaZip for example). Create a free Mega account, and upload your file. Then share the link (right click on it), and post it on cureleaks.


        B. Source is a file on my HDD.

    You need to zip the file (with PeaZip for example). Create a free Mega account, and upload your file. Then share the link (right click on it), and post it on cureleaks.


    2. It's a video show

        A. Source is DVD

    You can't copy/paste your files from your DVD to your computer. You need a rip tool, like DVD Shrink. You get 2 files : "Audio TS" (which is empty), and "Video TS" (with .vob, .ifo, .bup files, ...). 

    Create a file with Audio TS and Video TS inside. There are several Go of data, so you need to cut this file into several ones. If PeaZip is on your computer, right clik on your file and select "PeaZip", "Add to Archive". Choose "700 MB CD" in the window "Format Options", then click OK.

    Create a free account on Mega, and upload all files (.zip.001, .zip.002, ...). Then share the link (right click on it), and post it on cureleaks.


        B. Source is a single file on my hard drive

    You don't need to rip the video. Cut it in several files (or not, if you have a good upload), and use Mega.


    3. About audio shows

    • The way I did this :

    How did i work ? After listing every show i have, i checked the source with Trader's Little Helper (MPEG means MP3 and CDDA lossless). Then i encoded every file in flac. Rules are :

    Example : 1979 11 03 Londres 2CC
    Means : Year Month Day Town Quality Complete (or not) Source (version)
    Audio Quality : 1 2 2TBS 3 (1=bad, 2=usual audience stuff, 2TBS= Very Good Audience 3=soundboard or source FM/TV)
    Complete : C (Complete) I (Incomplete)
    Source : M (MPEG) C (CDDA) S (2 sources) U (UNKN)
    Version : Name of the taper (ex : AF Version) 

    Today, it's easier. 4 levels exist :

    • AUD = classic audience recording
    • AUD- = bad sound
    • AUD+ = good audience recording
    • SBD = soudboard recording


    • Why MP3 sourced audio shows  are downloadable in FLAC ?

    All shows are converted into FLAC files, even MP3 sources. The reason is : when you encode an audio file with an MP3 codec, a little blank exists (at the beginning or the end of the track).

    This little blank is skipped with a player like winamp, for example. But if you burn those files on a CD, you can hear it as a scratch between two tracks. That's why i convert MP3 into WAV, then i erase the blank (with audacity), and i convert WAV into FLAC. FLAC doesn't create any blanks.

    And I know that an MP3 file stays an MP3 file (even converted into FLAC), the sound doesn't become better.


    • What does CDDA & MPEG mean ?

    If a concert is tagged "CDDA", it is lossless. If its tagged "MPEG", it means it's MP3 sourced. I use Trader's Little Helper to test all files. When Trader's Little Helper is not able to test a file as MPEG or CDDA, i notice it as UNKN (unknown).


    • Why can't i find information about tapers at every show ?

    If i don't know which taper recorded it for sure, i label nothing.


    • How to convert FLAC files to WAVE files ?

    Use this : FLAC



    4. About video shows

    • Is there any quality difference between video streaming and original downloads ?

    Yes, absolutely. The original downloads have a better quality. I converted them into divX files to stream them with YouTube or Google Drive.

    • What does 1080p, 720p, ... & DVD mean ?

    DVD means you have all files to burn a original DVD (as .ifo, .bup, and .vob files). 720p & 1080p means that files are HD.

    • How can I read with my mobile phone or tablet streaming videos posted on Google Drive ?

    You have to connect/create a Gmail account and use "Drive" as a player.



    5. Miscellaneous

    • Setlists come from this website :



    • Any comments or ideas :

    Mail me there. Thank you.



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