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    1. Audio section

        All cover art re-uploaded : done (2015 12 15)

        All Mega links back : done (2016 03 01)

        Complete Youtube audio streaming : done (2016 01 25)


    2. Video section

        All cover art re-uploaded : done (2016 02 03)

        All Mega links back : done (2016 03 04)


    3. New stuff !

        New audio & cover art

        New video & cover art

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    Dimanche 31 Janvier 2016 à 09:29

    Hi Antonin, First thank you for all the effort that you and others have put into this site, so that Cure fans around the world can share in the experience and love of their music.  I have downloaded several brilliant shows from this blog before, and am excited about all the updates. However, I have a Mac and it seems now all of the DVD's posted include and executable file along with the files which can be unzipped.  For example, this DVD from Salt Lake City, Utah in 2000 looks so great but I have spent several hours trying to find a way to create the DVD with my Mac (which is the only computer I have access to.) All files were downloaded and unzipped, but I was still left with the remaining "exec" file which is small, but apparently the DVD's will not work without them. 




    Do you know of any way to accomplish this with a Mac or are these DVD's available in a different format for Mac users to extract?  Is this how all of the future DVD's are going to be shared from now on?  I apologize if I missed information on how to do this with a Mac, but I have searched this site and the net but have found nothing to help.  Surely, there are other Cure fans who use this site but only have a Mac and perhaps they have found a solution? Or if I may assist in creating some Mac friendly versions for Mac users to download, I would be happy to try to help this excellent site in any way possible.  Antonin deserves free tix to the 2016 tour for his devotion and hard work. I apologize if I am neglecting anyone, but I am a dumb American, who does not speak French so, I navigate this site as best I can and enjoy it immensely.

    Peace & Hugs & Thank you again!!cool


      • Mardi 9 Février 2016 à 04:22

        Hi Antonin, Thank you for message.  I appreciate your understanding and I thank you for offering to change the way new

        DVD files are uploaded.  I don't understand all the nuances of file archiving and decrunching/unzipping them, so I would hope that changing your uploading format is no trouble. You do such a superb job with site and recently re-uploading so much material with bad, broken, etc links; and that all seems to have been going really well and again, thank you!! Please do not change your workflow on my account. I know there are other Mac users with the issue and if there are enough to warrant the change in how the DVDs are uploaded, please do so if not much trouble.  But please don't feel the need to make

        the change on my behalf.  I am still looking for a solution.  I even downloaded the Mac version of WinZip, and attmpted to open the executable file with it, however, WinZip Mac Edition did absolutely nothing. Other than accessing Windows via Parallels or something similar those are the only ways I can think of that one might retrieve the info in the exec file.  If anyone is a Mac expert or has thoughts, please chime in. 

        And if anyone has an extra assigned seated ticket to the Atlanta, Georgia concert and needs a place to stay...LOL  ( i am so bummed that I missed the date they went on sale. 

        Best wishes to all from a small corner of the USA!        cool

        =- T H C U R E=                   

        ---F O R E  V E R--- 








      • Lundi 8 Février 2016 à 18:19

        Hi Chad,

        Unfortunately, i have no answers for you. I don't have any Mac computer, and i don't know which software could work. Actually, this little file allows you to get the complete file. I won't use it anymore in the future, because you are not the first one who gets trouble with apple computers.

        Maybe someday i will reup all video files cut like this, but i can't tell you when. Anyway, i'm glad you enloy my website, and american people are very welcome. If anyone has any idea to fix the mac issue, feel free to post here.

        Have a nice day,


    Mardi 15 Décembre 2015 à 18:32

    You don't understand the post : http://cureforall.eklablog.com/news-what-s-happening-a119237658


      • 99fire66
        Mardi 15 Décembre 2015 à 23:01

        Got it... that makes sense. I was thinking there were new updates in the past couple week.


        Thank you for everything you do!!!!

    Mardi 15 Décembre 2015 à 15:29

    For #3 what/where are the new audio recordings? Is there a link that to just the new stuff?

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